Everything You Would Ever Want to Know About Golf

Golf is a sport that uses various types of clubs to aim and hit balls in a series of holes in as few strokes as possible. It is a single player game.

Brief History:

1.            The oldest written record of playing golf is dated back to fifteenth century in Scotland.

2.            The game could have originated a long time ago.

3.            Many researchers suggest that a game similar to golf was played by Romans as early as in first century BC.

4.            Another study suggests Persia as its origin.

5.            But these are just speculations and no record has been found to be used as concrete evidence.

6.            Golf reached America in 1888.

7.            And eventually spread around the world.


How to Play?

1.            Understand the aim of the game: The aim of this game is to hit the golf ball using the club stick and leading it to the series of holes.

2.            Each course has around 9 or 18 holes.

3.            Scoring: Unlike other mainstream games, in golf lower score indicates better performance and increases your chances of winning.

4.            This may seem simple to read but has a set of complex rules, needs to be practised regularly to get the perfect swing and aim.

Scoring in Golf:

1.            Scores are easy to calculate in golf.

2.            The player with the lowest points wins.

3.            A point is accumulated when the striker hits the club to the ball.

4.            Number of strikes to lead the ball to the hole are recorded and at the end of the game scores are calculated.

5.            There could be penalty strokes too.

6.            Then there is also par score.

7.            Par score is setting up a par on basis how many strikes an expert might take to strike the ball in the hole.

8.            If the par is three and you take four strikes to lead the ball to the hole, your score is considered to be one.

9.            And if your attempts are less than the par score the strike won’t be counted.


What are the basic etiquettes to follow while playing Golf?

1.            Pay attention to rules described by United States Golf Association.

2.            Try and follow all of them.

3.            Practice playing at a relaxed and moderate pace.

4.            Let the winner of the previous hole tee off first at the next tee.

5.            Donot disturb or create a distraction when other players are about to hit the ball.

6.            Avoid playing golf when there is lightning.

7.            Do not brag or talk highly about yourself and your playing prowess.

8.            Repair ball marks created by your ball on the course.

9.            Replace divots caused due to your club while striking.

10.          Rake bunkers.

11.          Avoid advising other players.

12.          Never hit your ball near other people.

13.          Never park or pull the cart on the lawn.

14.          Avoid casting a shadow on other players putting lines while standing or walking.

15.          Maintain safe distance from other players.


Tips for beginners:

1.            Go through the rules and regulations specified by USGA.

2.            Understand and learn about different types of clubs.

3.            Beginners do not require new clubs; they can always start with a second hand one.

4.            Work on developing your posture.

5.            Take aims and keep practising.

6.            Create a solid stance.

7.            Achieve a stronger grip by practising holding the golf club even when you are not playing the game.

8.            Join Golf learning schools.

9.            Or find a golf tutor.

10.          Perfect the art of gripping the club, stand over the golf ball, swing the golf ball, techniques to putt etc.

11.          Perseverance and constant practice will help you learn faster.

12.          Start practising on the driving range before going on to the course.

13.          Once you are confident enough to play on the course start with the nine-hole course rather than the eighteen-hole course.

14.          Many beginners only tend to focus on their long range strikes, but it is equally important to practice and master short range strikes which is also known as putting and pitching.


Top Ten all time Golf Players in The World:

1.            Tiger Woods:

a.            He has won fourteen major championships.

b.            Seventy-eight PGA tour wins.

c.             Won consecutive four major wins.

d.            Ten times declared as the PGA player of the year.


2.            Jack Nicklaus:

a.            Won 73 PGA tours.

b.            Won 18 major championships.

c.             Winner of six masters.

d.            Won PGA tour money titles eight times.

e.            Lowest scoring average on tour eight times recorded.


3.            Sam Snead:

a.            Won 82 PGA tours.

b.            Winner of seven major championships.

c.             Won three Masters championships.

d.            Oldest player to win and create records in the history of PGA.


4.            Arnold Palmer:

a.            Won 60 PGA tours.

b.            Winner of 7 major championships.

c.             First ever PGA tour millionaire.

d.            Winner of at least one tournament consecutively for 15 years.

e.            Four times PGA Tour money champ.


5.            Ben Hogan:

a.            Won 64 PGA tour events.

b.            One amongst five players to achieve Grand slam.

c.             Only player to win Masters, British open and U.S. open in the same year.


6.            Bobby Jones:

a.            Won Grand slam, the U.S open, the British open, the US and British amateurs.

b.            Winner of 13 majors.

c.             Founder of Augusta National golf club and The Masters.


7.            Tom Watson:

a.            Won thirty-nine PGA tours.

b.            Winner of eight major championships.

c.             Six times PGA tour player of the year.

d.            Performed a cut every year from 1971-2007 i.e. 37 years.


8.            Gary Player:

a.            One amongst five players to earn a career grand slam.

b.            One of four players to have won Masters and British open three times.

c.             Recorded wins on PGA tours and senior tours.


9.            Gene Sarazen:

a.            Winner of seven major titles.

b.            Earned career Grand slam.

c.             Won 38 PGA career titles.

10.          Phil Mickelson:

a.            Winner of three majors.

b.            Won one British open

c.             Won one PGA championship.

d.            Winner of 42 PGA tour events.

These are just top ten of a huge list of high performing golf players. What makes Golf (titleist wedges) different from other games is that it is a game of ideal behavior and counts it in charting your performance. There is no place for aggression or misbehavior.